Main issues

After the obsessive distraction of making the videos and setting up this blog, I’ve had time to think about what I am doing here.

My main aim is to lift the Aboriginal and Islander welfare and status. One, because it’s fair. Two, because enough is enough. We want Australians to listen. The country is in need of the heart and spirit of the Indigenous people because it’s twisted itself into an awful knot.

The system would work better if the people at the top cared about what really matters. But because of the limitations and excesses of our political system, Australia is a basket case in many ways. I’m not going into it from that angle. That would be other peoples’ jobs.

My concern is that Australia is too busy with its self-made problems to care about what really matters – and that is that native title ought to be protected, sacred sights honoured, funds for Indigenous affairs to go to indigenous people and not the white managers, Ind. rangers placed everywhere and in number, education and much effort to stamp out racism, tell true stories re history, and of course, a treaty to show that mainstream Australia recognises and respects the people and spirit who’s land this all happens on.

What really matters is that Australia is an ancient, delicate land with ancient, delicate needs. Only the ancient people know the delicate secrets which this land thrives upon.

My argument is that Europeans are equipped to manage Europe, but are mostly clueless regarding what Australia is really about. Australia has her own Spirit and that needs acknowledging if the country is to survive.

I don’t dislike Europeans. I am one as well. I am arguing with myself constantly over how wonderful it is to be European. Love the technology. See? There’s my conflict – and Australia’s conflict. Progress at any cost or let’s-think-this-one-through.

And if I keep this up I may not need to make a Chapter Four.

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