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The use of ‘colonial’ to describe modern Australia has been questioned. Fair question, too. I thought long and hard about how to describe post-colonial Australia, which I saw as complicated by the fact that we have many cultures.

Then I realized that, although, we are diverse, there is only one system we have to abide by. So, I took a deep breath, and settled on ‘colony’ to describe what we have here. And while most other cultures assimilate in time, the Indigenous people do not always, for all the reasons, and more, that I talk about in the videos.


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‘The Biggest Estate on Earth – How Aborigines made Australia’

-Bill Gammage

I’ve displayed Bill Gammage’s quote from the sleeve cover of his book as it explains perfectly how I feel about things.

        Also, his Chapter Four is named ‘Heaven on Earth’ which inspired the  idea ‘from heaven to hell’.

Thank you , Bill, I am indebted.

Bill Gammage's book sleeve cover
The Biggest Estate on Earth – How Aborigines Made Australia, Bill Gammage, (Allen & Unwin) 2011
Bill Gammage quote
Bill Gammage quote from the sleeve cover of his enlightening book


‘First Australians – The untold story of Australia’  ( SBS)

‘First Australians – An illustrated history’

rachel perkins book
Edited by Rachel Perkins and Marcia Langton The Miegunyah Press MUP 2008



An Indigenous Perspective